Rational Factory in Landsberg am Lech Celebrates Production Milestone

By: CWA posted Jun 14th 2019 03:13PM

Rational was founded in 1973 by Mr Siegried Meister, and three years later, produced the first combi-steamer. Today, Rational has become so successful that it is regarded as a world market and technology leader in the food preparation industry.

Today, hundreds of the SelfCookingCenter® units will leave the Rational factory in Landsberg am Lech just like a regular day. However, one particular unit being sent out will become mark a major milestone for the company as it is the millionth unit.

To celebrate this milestone, this millionth combi-steamer will be customised with a ‘1,000,000’ written on its gold rotary knob and a customised control panel. This unit will also be displayed at major trade fairs around the world.  

Mr  Markus Paschmann, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer says that “There are about four million commercial kitchens across the globe that use our technology, and that is a motivating number for us,” adding, “Even though the percentage of kitchens with Rational units is constantly rising, there are still many we wish to inspire with the customer benefit we offer.”

For more information on Rational Cooking Systems, please click here.

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