Sparkling Wine at Nyetimber

by CWA @ 24 May 2019
Sparkling Wine at Nyetimber When people think sparkling wine, they tend to think of French champagne. However, Nyetimber is making a name for itself in the sparkling wine field, particularly since their Head Winemaker Cherie Spriggs won Sparkling Winemaker of the year in 2018. As such, this year they are introducing a new Sparkling Wine to the Singaporean market, and showing how the wine can be paired with flavours found in Asian cuisine.

In an exclusive tasting at Labyrinth, guests got to try the new Nyetimber Cuvee Cherie with a curated menu made by Chef Han Li Guang, chef and owner of the Michelin - starred restaurant, to showcase how the sparkling wine could be paired with a versatility of flavours, whether it’s a lightly spiced savoury dish, to delicate desserts, and all befitting the Singaporean palate. And the menu showcased exactly that, as the 5 course meal included such dishes as the Nippon Koi Farm Silver Perch (The restaurant’s take on the otah), the Local Wild Caught Crab and Sustenir Farm Strawberry (Chef Han’s reinvented Chilli Crab using flower crab, chilli and strawberry in a sorbet format, and egg white pounded into strands) , and desserts like the Cristal de Chine Caviar (a delightful kaya toast and egg dessert).

Export Manager of Asia Pacific and ambassador of Nyetimber in Hong Kong and Singapore Murray Lang also took some time to share the future of Nyetimber in the Asian markets,  as well as how Nyetimber is working together with restaurants and bars that include Labyrinth , Odette and Iggy’s.

Nyetimber is currently available for purchase at Honestbee Singapore, as well as a number of luxurious restaurants and bars.