Cooking Healthy, Eating Healthy with MLA at Open Farm Community

By: WGS posted May 10th 2019 05:14PM

In conjuction with Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), the World Gourmet Summit held an event that helped to promote the importance of sustainable consumption of red meat and healthy eating. Titled, “Cooking Healthy, Eating Healthy”, the event was held at Open Farm Community and served to ensure attendees understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Kickstarting the event with a yoga session as led by yoga teacher Ms Sadhna Upadhya, attendees took the opportunity to stretch muscles and get in touch with their inner soul.

This is all in line with MLA’s objectives, which has always been about sustainable processes, and they do so through the promotion of good farmers with quality produce, including working together with butcheries such as The Meat Club to provide the best of what Australia has to offer. " MLA does a lot of work mainly in Australia to ensure the whole industry has a framework to work towards more sustainable goals. In Singapore, we focus mainly on packaging, and how to be more sustainable towards meat to reduce wastage, like using the whole carcass instead of throwing it out, " says Ms Ellen Rodgers, International Business Manager at MLA.  The organization also works with small farmers all over Australia, and support them to ensure they can produce the best produce Australias has to offer, including beef.

The attendees had the opportunity to watch as Chef Oliver-Truesdale-Jutras and Chef Seki Takuma of Open Farm Community served up three different beef dishes, made with premium grade beef as provided by The Meat Club. Commenting about the collaboration with MLA, Chef Truesdale-Jutras said, “ I was quite impressed. I mean when they told us they were bringing the leanest cuts of meat for the event, I was a little concerned as a chef, as people tend to gravitate towards fattier cuts. But, the meat that was sent was delicious after margination, and so I was really satisfied.”

When both chefs were asked about their dedication to a cause like sustainability, both of them were emphatic about the importance of a movement like sustainability, and summarized their thoughts about sustainability in three words. " Responsibility, Agriculture, Positivity." were the words of Chef Truesdale- Jutras, while Chef Seki's were " Peace, Love, and Happiness".

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