Beefing Up Poland's Steak Reputation

By: WGS posted Apr 26th 2019 02:50PM

Allspice hosted the Best of Polish Pastures presented by Masterchef Jarosław Uściński, who was here to showcase not just the best of Polish culture, but also show how Polish beef can be on par with Japanese, US, and Australian beef.

The chef took the opportunity to feature 4 dishes using Polish beef that people at home could enjoy, including Short Ribs BBQ, made using home-made BBQ sauce along with corn salad and red onion, as well as Seared Rump Steak with Mango cerviche and salad.

The masterclass also took an opportunity to showcase why Polish beef is fast becoming a favourite amongst chefs, citing their texture and meat quality, while also featuring a presentation on the digitalizating process of tracking and ensuring quality control of their cows through blockchain and tracking technology.

The event culminated in a tasting session of all four dishes Chef Uściński presented, and a phototaking session with the chef as well as the chefs at Allspice.

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