Meeting the Masters at CHIJMES

By: WGS posted Apr 26th 2019 02:30PM

With the World Gourmet Summit inviting more than ten guest chefs from countries such as Argentina and the Ukraine, the World Gourmet Summit, along with CHIJMES and the US. Dairy Export Council hosted the U.S. Dairy Export Council presents Chefs' A La Minute - Meet the Stars event.

This event gave each representative of the media 5 minutes to ask every chef delegation from different countries any question they wanted, and questions ranged from the International Masterchefs experiences working in Singapore so far, to what they hope to achieve participating in this year’s World Gourmet Summit.

Highlights include the delegation of chefs from the Turks and Caicos with Chef Nikita O’Neil Skippings and Chef Lorraine Kenlock. This is the first time the Turks and Caicos have been invited to participate in the World Gourmet Summit, and both chefs are excited to showcase the best of what the Caribbean has to offer, as well as share their views on why Sustainability is so important.

“Some people would say GMOs are good as the food it creates can inevitably save world hunger, “ Chef Kenlock shares, “ But is it truly sustainable, if it triggers and develops diseases?” She adds that in her view, the cuisine of the Turks and Caicos reflect the ideal of sustainability more, as residents of the islands are learning to grow their own gardens and herbs to use in their cooking, all while using responsibly sourced food that reflects the culture of the islands.

“The cuisine of Turks and Caicos is rather unique,” shares Chef Skippings. “We specialise a lot in seafood, corn, and an array of different spices and flavours, with a lot of emphasis on seafood.” They are also well-famed on their salt, and use it for their cuisine.

Another highlight included the invite of US Masterchef season winner Chef Shaun O’Neale, who, along with Chef Vindex Tengker, is working with the US Dairy Export Council for events featured in the World Gourmet Summit. Said Chef O’Neale, “In America, we are having a renaissance of cheese. There are so many artisanal and large producers that make cheese something special. No longer is it France and Italy that are known for the best cheese: America is becoming a powerhouse in cheese.”

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