Discussing A Sustainable Future

By: WGS posted Apr 05th 2019 02:48PM

In a move unprecedented by past year's editions, the World Gourmet Summit is proud to present our first Sustainability Forum.

Tying in to the theme of Sustainability, the forum will bring panellists from different areas of both the culinary and hospitality fields, who will be discussing their stance on the various issues brought up when discussing these practices applied to these fields. It’s a growing concern, and we are fortunate to have this line up of speakers that will be educating participants on the various topics.

These will include responsible food sourcing; innovative designs for renewable, biodegradable items; and the importance of changing mindsets and leadership to move towards a more digitalised future.

Panellists will include Ms Sheryl Torres-Wu of the Marine Stewardship Council; Mr Kenny Eng, Former President – Kranji Countryside Association; Ms Dalilah Ghazalay, Regional Director of the U.S. Dairy Export Council; Ms Nina Tan, Managing Director of Business Intelligence and 8nalytics Pte Ltd; Mr Peter Knipp, CEO of Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd; Mr Roderic Pronieski, Wine Specialist from the Asia Wine Network; Jeffrey Soh of Fabristeel, Zuraimi Jumaat, Executive Director of Pure and Good Management Pte Ltd.; and Chef Oliver Truesdale - Jutras of Open Farm Community. Some of you may be familiar with these speakers and the organisations they represent: Open Farm Community, for example, represents the return of farming in Singapore, with an emphasis on farm to table freshness in their cooking. The Marine Stewardship Council, as well, has been advocating for responsible fishing, sourcing and sustainable demand for seafood.

The forum will be held on the 9th of April 2019 (Tuesday) at SIM's Professional Development at Namly Avenue, and those who are looking to attend, you're in luck! Tickets are still for sale, and priced at $28+, available here! Hurry, get yours before they sell out!

For more information regarding the event, or to learn more about the speakers that will be featured, please go to http://www.worldgourmetsummit.com/wgs2019/main.php/event-info/14-WGS-Sustainability-in-the-Gastronomy-World-Forum-/ to learn more!

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