The Whos and Whats and Wheres of the World Gourmet Summit 2019

By: WGS posted Mar 29th 2019 12:25PM

Sustainability Forum


SIM Professional Development, 41 Namly Avenue, Singapore 267616

9th April 2019


The Sustainability Forum will be discussing a few pertinent issues that concern the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry, and inviting several panellists to discuss the topics on responsible food sourcing, innovative designs for renewable, biodegradable items, and the importance of changing mindsets and leadership to move towards a more digitalised future.

Panellists will include Ms Sheryl Torres-Wu of the Marine Stewardship Council; Mr Kenny Eng, Former President – Kranji Countryside Association; Ms Dalilah Ghazalay, Regional Director of the U.S. Dairy Export Council; Ms Nina Tan, Managing Director of Business Intelligence and 8nalytics Pte Ltd; Mr Peter Knipp, CEO of Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd; Mr Roderic Pronieski, Wine Specialist from the Asia Wine Network; Jeffrey Soh of Fabristeel, Zuraimi Jumaat, Executive Director of Pure and Good Management Pte Ltd.; and Chef Oliver Truesdale - Jutras of Open Farm Community


The topics that will be discussed are pertinent to the F&B industry: the last few years we have been moving towards a more eco-friendly basis, and we’re seeing more restaurants and chefs take on that gauntlet. However, more can be done. Attendees of the event will be hearing from experts in their fields who will be using their own experience and expertise to showcase different perspectives on the issues mentioned.

United Nations Gastronomic Assembly: Market Place


CHIJMES, 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996


23rd April 2019


This event will feature vendors from restaurants the World Gourmet Summit is partnering with, selling restaurant worthy food at $10 per item. Entry into the marketplace is $10 per person, and 20% of each entry ticket will be donated to the Singapore’s Children Society, the World Gourmet’s Summit’s Charity Partner this year.


The best of Singapore’s gourmet scene at pocket-friendly prices, in one of the most historic sites in Singapore, and with a portion of the proceeds going towards charity? Worth it.

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