Fishing for Solutions

By: CWA posted Nov 02nd 2018 03:25PM

We’ve seen a rise in stories about overfishing; the worry that in our eagerness to meet demand for food, we have started the ball rolling in destroying the ecosystems of aquatic life. The National Geographic recently published an article that provides a solution that’s slowly rising in popularity: creating and managing healthy fisheries.

Unlike wild fish that are usually caught in large amounts from a few select wealthy countries, farm-raised fish are raised in fresh or salt water pens, dependent on the type of fish raised. The World Bank has predicted that by 2030, 62 percent of the seafood we consumed would be raised in farms, and in 2016, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported that aquaculture accounted for 47% of the seafood we eat.

The study has identified a few areas of the oceans as deep as 650 feet that could be potential sites for fish-farming, with a prediction that 15 billion metric tonnes of fish could be farmed every year.

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