Treats at BreadTalk for This Lunar New Year

By: Darinee Durai posted Feb 14th 2018 05:54PM

BreadTalk launches a selection of festive delights, from delectable goodies to savoury treasures, specially created for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations. Besides new festive buns for one’s enjoyment, BreadTalk’s cookies, cakes, and snacks are ideal as convenient gifts for house visiting, as they symbolise auspicious greetings to ring in good fortune for the year.

Impress friends and relatives this Chinese New Year with a photo-worthy treat specially designed for the year: Fortune Puppy (旺旺) buns! A new pawsome creation to ring in the Year of the Dog, the adorable and delicious Fortune Puppy bun is filled with sweet and smoky bak kwa.

Image: Fortune Puppy

Inspired by the arrival of Spring, BreadTalk has created the aptly named Spring (迎春) bun as a timely treat to celebrate the beginning of a new year.Soft and fluffy orange chocolate brioche is topped with a layer of custard cream and crushed cookies to form this comforting treat. Finished with a fresh sprig, the bun symbolises new beginnings and growth in the new year.

The new Fortune Puppy and Spring buns are available at all BreadTalk stores from now till 2 March at the price of $1.90 each. DBS/POSB cardmembers enjoy a ‘buy four get one free’ promotion, limited to the first 7,000 redemptions. Payment must be made with a DBS/POSB debit or credit card.

Introducing The Spring Quartet (四颂报喜) - four new Danish pastries in a variety of sweet and savoury flavours. With its array of
colours and unique fillings, these crisp and tasty pastries add a touch of vibrancy to this festive period.

Enjoy the delightful Golden Passion (绽放香芒), which features a refreshing mango passionfruit filling, or the Cranberry Blossom (蔓月接福), with its well-balanced flavours of cranberry and smooth cream cheese. For a savoury snack, sink your teeth into Flossstunate (松想事成), filled with
BreadTalk’s signature fire flosss and topped with edamame mayonnaise, or the Golden Blessings (金鱼满堂), which is filled with tuna and brushed lightly with spicy mayonnaise for an added kick of flavour. In addition, BreadTalk offers an assortment of festive goodies including cakes, cookies, and its signature flosss bottled for use, to satisfy your feasting and snacking indulgences during the celebratory period.  Aim for greater heights in the year with the Prosperity Kueh Lapis (步步糕升), handmade with a traditional recipe from Indonesia, which is known for this timeless layered cake. The soft and moist kueh lapis is available in two variations, an enticing Rainbow Kueh Lapis, and the classic Prune Kueh Lapis. 

Image: Chinese New Year bundles

The kueh lapis are available at all BreadTalk stores (except Simei MRT, Singapore Cruise Centre, and United Square) at $48.80 for a whole cake and $28.80 for half. Mix and match half of each flavour for $52.80 (U.P. $57.60). BreadTalk is also offering classic treats such as the well-loved trio of Prawn Rolls (虾米卷), Almond Cookies (杏仁酥) and Cashew Nut Cookies (腰豆酥), which are must-have snacks at Chinese New Year gatherings. The crumbly, crisp, and fragrant goodies represent nuggets of wealth and longevity for a delicious and auspicious start to the year. The goodies are available at all BreadTalk outlets at $16.80 for a bottle of Almond Cookies or Cashew Nut Cookies, and $17.80 for a bottle of Prawn Rolls. 
Chinese New Year will not be complete without the iconic Pineapple Tarts (凤梨饼), symbolising wealth and prosperity. Individually wrapped to ensure freshness, each buttery golden pastry envelops a filling of sweet and tangy pineapple paste with a touch of gula melaka. Enjoy a savoury
twist on the classic delight with the Pineapple Tart with Salted Egg (凤凰饼).

Image: CNY Buns at BreadTalk
The classic Pineapple Tart is available at BreadTalk stores at $18.80 for a box of 10 pieces, and the Pineapple Tart with Salted Egg is available at $19.80 for a box of 10 pieces. Customers can also choose to mix and match two boxes for $36.80 (U.P. $38.60).
Last but not least, don’t miss out on Flosssome Fortune (松松发财), an assortment of BreadTalk’s signature flosss in Original, Chilli, Sambal Chicken, and Cereal Chilli flavours, conveniently bottled for use. Try your hands at making your own festive treats with the tantalising and tasty floss. Flosssome Fortune is available at all BreadTalk stores at the price of $8.80 a bottle or $24 for a set of 3 (U.P. $26.40).
Bun-tiful Celebration with All-time Favourites (back for CNY only!) Indulge in our selection of familiar Chinese New Year-inspired buns to embrace good fortune while enjoying delicious flavours. Shaped to look like gold coins to symbolise wealth and good luck, Bak Kwa Treasures (金钱币) packs a punch with our signature spicy pork floss filling, topped with a slice of bak kwa. A truly robust flavour combination for those wanting to spice up the New Year.

Image: Pineapple Tarts

It wouldn’t be Chinese New Year without mandarin oranges so why not take it up a notch with Mandarina Luck (香橙吉祥). Thoughtfully shaped to
resemble mandarin oranges and elevated with a crunchy crust and an orange peel filling, this exquisite bun bursts with refreshing flavour upon the
first bite.  A yam-filled buttery golden treasure, indulge in the hearty taste of the Yammy Ingot (如芋元宝) to welcome a sweet and prosperous year ahead. Priced between $1.80 - $2.20, the festive buns are available at all BreadTalk outlets from now till 2 March 2018. DBS/POSB cardmembers enjoy a ‘buy four get one free’ promotion, limited to the first 7,000 redemptions. Payment must be made with a DBS/POSB debit or credit card. 

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