E-store Dellarosa Wine Launches In Singapore

by Kerlyn Tan @ 15 Dec 2017
E-store Dellarosa Wine Launches In Singapore Among the latest stores in Singapore which opened in late November is Dellarosa Wine, an online wine delivery service that has in its cellars a range of organic, biodynamic and natural wines available in red, white, orange, and sparkling labels. We spoke with its founder, Quintino Dellarosa, who was born and raised in one of the most prominent wine regions in the world – Sicily. We ask him 4 questions – what exactly does Dellarosa Wine specialize in, the types of wines available and of course, his favourites!
CWA: Tell us what is Dellarosa Wine and what do you specialize in?
Quintino Dellarosa: Dellarosa Wine was borne out of my genuine and passionate love for wine. Dellarosa Wine specialises in fine wines and we work only with small and medium sized wine makers, whose response to all aspects of standardisation of production is one of authenticity and transparency. The selected wines are genuine expressions of their terroir as our philosophy is that winemaking should involve the least possible human or mechanical intervention from vineyard to cellar, so the goal is to only bring in wines that are farmed sustainably via organic or biodynamic means – that is, without the use of herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers, insecticides or other synthetic substances. Dellarosa Wine  will only select winegrowers who believe in a return to the vineyard, using natural know-how rather than machinery or additives to solve problems.

CWA: What are the origins of the wines that you carry?

Quintino Dellaroa: Currently… Italy and Slovenia. But there is a trip to France in January planned and we might just introduce French natural selections to the Singapore wine market in February. The natural wine movement started in France during the ‘70s so Dellarosa Wine is definitely looking forward to adding a good representation of French vignerons! 

CWA : Could you name 3 particular wines to look out for on Dellarosa Wine’s site?

Quintino Dellarosa: I love each bottle and so does my team; it’s hard to identify just three, while excluding the others! However if I have to name them, I would say the Bianco Pomice, Hèrzu and Morar – each of which communicates the story of its winemaker, his work and his dedication to interpret the soil of their vintages well.

CWA: What are the profiles of each of these recommended wines and what can each be paired with? 

Quintino Dellarosa : Bianco Pomice from Tenuta di Castellaro is a white wine that contains a notable briny minerality amongst its deep roots. It is made through an unusual combination of the native Malvasia delle Lipari varietal, vinified dry, and Etna Carricante, which adds elegance and tanginess to the sugary power of the Malvasia. It can be paired with seafood, thanks to its freshness and great sapidity! As for the Riesling Hèrzu…. It is made in Piedmont from Ettore Germano winery and is one of the most admired wines by the national wine guides! It is produced in a soil very rich in limestone allowing the vine to develop great minerality in a climate and altitude that boosts freshness and aromas. The Hèrzu can complement several fish starters or a roast poultry main actually. My last recommended wine is the Morar 2003, an Amarone Classico della Valpolicella from Valentina Cubi estate. This wine with one with numerous layers of personalities. It has a rich and elegant concentration of notes like red fruits, sweet tobacco, sandalwood, mint and marjoram and is in fact an aristocratic and full-bodied wine that is perfect and calibrated and warm and soft with a very long end. Have it paired with braised beef, or even just chocolate!